BCP address Progress Exchange 2000 Conference in San Diego

Sunny San Diego, California was the venue recently for more than 1000 Progress developers and users from the United States and Asia/ Pacific to attend the annual conference hosted by Progress Software Corporation. This year, they had the added bonus of a session given by Brian Preece, Technical Director of BCP, who gave a talk entitled “Messaging and XML in the Food Industry Supply Chain”. This session was intended partly to help other users of Progress to understand what can be done with these new Progress technologies but also as a showcase for BCP’s technical skills.

Messaging and XML are complementary technologies for exchanging information between systems, such as wholesalers passing product and price information to retailers, distribution systems passing information into ERP systems, wholesalers sending sales and stock information to suppliers and so on. Messaging technology, such as the Progress SonicMQ product, is the transmission medium and XML is used as the language for the messages.

BCP are currently in the process of building a messaging hub to streamline the process of transferring product and price information from wholesalers to retailers and returning sales data.

Having attended many presentations on the theory of messaging and XML, delegates to the conference were refreshed to hear from a company using these technologies to build real-world products to help solve real business problems.