BCP Host their New Web Site

BCP, systems provider to the Distribution and Property Management markets, has launched a new web site at www.bcpsoftware.com, replacing its old site at wwww.bcpltd.co.uk/bcpltd, although the old address will link to the new site in the short-medium term.

The new site has a more modern appearance and has been designed to provide easier navigation and an overview of the company’s complete portfolio of Retail and Wholesale Distribution and Property Management systems. PowerPoint Demonstrations can be downloaded directly from the site to provide more detailed information on some solutions.

For BCP clients, links have been included to a secure customer site to provide easy access to valuable user information, technical data and enhancements. Information currently available here relates to Accord (BCP’s Distribution System) and Accord – Retailer (BCP’s Retail System), but this will be extended shortly to include information for Property Management (PMII) clients. Facilities to log Service Desk requests and participate in discussion forums are also in the pipeline.

BCP also plans to add other ‘secure’/password protected areas to the site to provide additional information for the more interested browser rather than overwhelming all visitors with too much to read!

BCP has invested significantly in this web site, hosting it on a new, powerful web server located at BCP HQ and developing it entirely in-house, utilising its own marketing team to ensure the site properly reflects the company’s activities and is easily enhanced and maintained to guarantee visitors access the most up to the minute information on the company, its products, activities and new developments.

Hosting the site on its own server gives BCP added security and full control over the site, insulating it from potential problems with an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Additionally it will allow BCP to demonstrate true e-commerce and e-business enhancements to its range of software solutions as well as providing the opportunity to host sites for its customers in the future should this prove appropriate.
Brian Preece, Technical Director, says ‘There are some flashy sites out there developed by whiz kids, but it all becomes a little nonsensical if every time you want to make a simple amendment you have to call in ‘the experts’. One of the prime objectives in redeveloping our site was to ensure we maintain full control over all aspects, not just the initial design and content, but routine maintenance, enhancement and all technical aspects. We feel we’ve made a major step towards achieving this and feedback to date has been very positive’.