BCP launches AIMS to the Progress Community in Chicago

Following BCP’s acclaimed session on XML and Messaging technology to the Progress Exchange 2000 conference in San Diego two years ago, BCP returned to Progress Worldwide Exchange 2002 in Chicago to present the finished product:AIMS (Accord Internet Messaging Service).

BCP has taken the basic Progress messaging and XML technology first described in San Diego and used it to build AIMS, a high speed, reliable Business to Business data interchange. Using the “guaranteed once and once only” messaging technology of SonicMQ, the basic AIMS service delivers product and price data from wholesaler to retailer and sales data from retailer to wholesaler reliably and speedily across the Internet. This is supplemented by additional services, such as Product Code Translation and the sending of security alerts via mobile phone text messages to store managers.

AIMS has been in production for a number of months now and is, for example, the enabling technology that is being used by Spar to service the contract to supply the Woolworth’s in-store convenience outlets.