BCP links to Cashmaster for automated cashing-up

BCP has enhanced its retail solution – Accord – Retailer– to offer faster, more accurate cash control and cash reconciliation procedures for its retail clients.

The new automated cashing up function uses Cashmaster’s Omega C portable coin and note counter integrated with the Accord – Retailer Back Office system. The Cashmaster automatically counts coins and notes, feeding the totals directly into the Accord – Retailer Back Office cash control function. Bank deposits, audits, spot checks and cash drawer balancing can all be counted simply and accurately.

Counting speed is fast. 500 coins can be counted in approximately 0.5 seconds and 100 notes in around 5 seconds. The entire contents of a typical till can be counted in about one minute – a massive saving on manual counting.

Counting errors are 5 times less likely than with human counting while direct interface to the Accord – Retailer Back Office system eliminates the need to input data manually, providing further accuracy improvements.

Other benefits include increased security, reduced leakage, faster availability of cash collection data and the freeing up of employees to spend more time on customer orientated tasks.

The new automated cashing-up system is available with the latest version ofAccord – Retailer. Competitively priced, the system offers a speedy payback on investment as a result of lower labour costs and reduced leakage. Typical payback periods range from 3 – 6 months, depending on store turnover and number of tills.

BCP is continuing to work with Cashmaster to develop additional benefits for clients. These include an optional RF link from the Cashmaster at the point of sale to the Back Office to provide real time cash information.