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How retailers can unite online and offline consumer experiences

With Omni channel retailing on the rise, shoppers’ expectations have changed and have become more demanding. In a recent report it was revealed that 76% of shoppers now research purchases online before stepping into store. As the lines between digital and physical shopping experiences become blurred, stores must embrace digital technologies such as ESLs, (Electronic shelf labels) where retailers can enhance the shopper experience at the point of purchase. (more…)

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Social Loyalty: The 4 Key Benefits

1. Quantifying customer value

Customer value is measured by purchase and social behaviours using two metrics, influencer value and contributor value.

Influence value: this can include social media monitoring, text mining. Ways to estimate the value of data sources such as number of contacts on social networks, followers, comments on blogs, number of posts and status updates. (more…)

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Going Mobile

Everywhere you turn the message for business is ‘go mobile’. But it can be confusing. For wholesalers ‘going mobile’ is about giving mobile workers or customers access to the data contained on the main IT system via devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. (more…)

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Digital Aisles

With promising new innovations, bricks & mortar retailers will be able to compete better with the benefits increasingly associated with online shopping convenience, choice, interactivity and price. Digital aisles – or ‘endless shelves’ as they are sometimes referred to – is just one of these hot new innovations. The concept of digital aisles is basically […]

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Appleby Westward going up!

Our customer Spar Wholesaler Appleby Westward recently announced its investment of millions in a growth strategy. Leo Crawford, chief executive of the parent company BWG, spoke at the recent Westpoint Exeter Event and elaborated on the venture between Spar South Africa and BWG Group, explaining that there would be€110 million to invest in growing businesses in Ireland and Appleby Westward territory over the next few years. (more…)

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