Complete Voice Warehouse Solution from BCP

BCP has released a real-time Voice interface to the warehouse management modules in its Accord supply chain solution. This comprehensive suite of software will allow users of the Accord WMS modules to maximise the benefits of real-time, hands-free and eyes-free interaction with the system. Warehouse workers use a belt-worn wireless Talkman T2 terminal to receive instructions and confirm actions through a headset and microphone.

Voice Recognition opens up a whole new range of benefits for warehouse operators, particularly in terms of accuracy and productivity. In Picking, for example, mispicks normally drop by around 80% compared with paper-based systems. Productivity improvements – from hands-free operation – are usually around 10 to 20%. The real-time interaction allows replenishment of picking slots to be triggered as they become empty, and stock checks can be built into the picking and replenishment tasks, improving the accuracy of stock recording, which in turn improves efficiency. Furthermore, the technology is one of the few to offer a speedy payback – typically 6 to 12 months.

BCP has developed Accord’s Voice functionality using Talkman T2 hardware from the world leader in Voice hardware – Vocollect. Distributed in the UK by VoiteQ, Talkman offers proven technology, full integration with Accord and all the necessary UK based support and maintenance services to allow BCP to deliver a successful, cost-effective solution.

BCP have paid careful attention to the way they have developed the AccordVoice modules to make their benefits available to as wide a market as possible. They can be supplied as part of a full Accord supply chain implementation, as a standalone warehouse management solution to interface to third party Order Processing and Stock systems or even as standalone Voice modules to interface to suitable Warehouse Management Systems.

To assess the potential benefits from implementing Voice technology why not request a copy of our Voice Payback Calculator?