Milestone for AIMS

Early on 2nd December, the AIMS hub routed its 250,000th message – quite a milestone.

Here are some other interesting statistics on the current usage of AIMS:

Capper & Co now have AIMS installed in all 98 of their company-owned stores. Along with the Capper depot and a NAAFI pilot running in Germany, not only hasAIMS gone international but we have also tipped the magical 100 sites mark. Two sites have recently been converted to run on the all new Java version of theAIMS client software.

The number of files passing through AIMS has increased massively from 3,121 messages throughout February – when the current hub went live – to 44,275 in November (peaking at 44,477 in October). The total volume of data transferred is now approaching 4.6Gb.

In a typical week the AIMS hub will handle more than 10,000 messages. The Cappers depot will receive around 6-700 files from its stores during an end-of-week poll that runs on a Sunday night/Monday morning. Over the course of the week 8-10,000 files will be transmitted from the depot to the stores, mainly during a large batch transmission on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

From a store perspective, between 5 and 10 files per week – around 1Mb in volume – will be sent to the depot. These files contain mostly sales data but also some VAT analysis and staff wages information. The 100 or so files coming in are a variety of product/price changes, electronic GRNs, and promotion updates, totalling around 500kb.

Watch this space for more news on AIMS.