Pioneering New Communications Service from BCP

BCP has launched a revolutionary new communications service – AIMS (AccordInternet Messaging Service) – which offers companies enormous improvements in the flow of information between customers and suppliers, and between different branches or depots within an organisation.

Utilising the latest Messaging technologies, such as XML, AIMS harnesses the power of the Internet, together with a special communications infrastructure developed by BCP, to provide a means of transferring information which is faster, cheaper, more reliable and more flexible than traditional methods of transferring data electronically between computer systems.

AIMS eliminates the need for specialised software to translate data into the appropriate format for transmission. Furthermore, it overcomes the requirement for both sending and receiving applications to be in a ‘ready state’ when data is to be transferred – together with all the associated problems this creates. These include unsuccessful connections, retries, broken transmissions, and the need for large banks of modems to facilitate the flow of data where, for example, a head office has to collect data from many branches.

With AIMS, information can be sent at a time convenient to the sender – whether or not the receiver is ready. Only a single call is needed to transmit information to, or collect data from, all branches, customers, suppliers, etc. All information transmitted is totally secure with delivery guaranteed and – equally important – guaranteed once and once only delivery, avoiding duplication of figures from broken messages and retries. Furthermore, because it uses the Internet, calls are at local rates, or even at a flat monthly rate, providing enormous savings, especially where communications are national or international.

Totally flexible, AIMS can automate the transfer of any type of data, at any time, anywhere in the world. It can redirect messages or send them to multiple addresses so that, for example, area managers can receive trading figures at the same time as head office. AIMS can also transfer data via email or SMS text messages to mobile phones.
Potential uses for AIMS are endless. It is equally appropriate for a wholesaler/head office to transfer product and price information to retail outlets and retailers to return sales data, for sharing sales information or placing orders with suppliers, or for promotional and marketing messages direct to customers.

AIMS is now available not only as an integral part of BCP’s Accord Supply Chain portfolio but as a stand alone system for any business. There is no need for any major investment in new hardware or software, all necessary links and connections being set up and administered by BCP for a flat monthly fee.