Progress recognises BCP’s pioneering development work

BCP had the rare distinction of being mentioned in Dave Ireland’s keynote speech at Progress Exchange 2004 in Las Vegas last month. The Progress President praised BCP in front of the entire conference of approximately 1000 delegates for our pioneering work on Web Services and on Chip and Pin.

Brian Preece, R & D Director of BCP, presented two sessions at the conference, one on our work with Voice Recognition and the other on our work with EDI and .NET Integration. We were also asked to be part of a “guru” panel on Service Oriented Architecture presented by Sonic Software.

As usual, Voice Recognition attracted a lot of interest, particularly with the current industry interest in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a complementary technology. So far, BCP are the only company in the Progress community to have mastered Voice technology which we are offering as part of our Accord Food Industry Supply Chain application, as a standalone module or bundled with our advanced Warehouse Management System.

Our work on the AIMS-EDI Hub, another value-added service which will soon be available to our customers, also attracted significant interest.

So successful were the two BCP sessions that we have been asked to repeat them at the Progress Developer’s World conference in Madrid in September.

All in all, the conference was a great success for BCP, with our opinions being sought by many senior figures in Progress and our position as one of the most innovative developers within the Progress community being reinforced.