Royal Mint benefits from AIMS

The Royal Mint has become one of the latest organisations to benefit from AIMS – BCP’s unique Internet messaging service for high performance, cost effective communications and data transfer.

Utilising the latest Messaging technologies, such as XML, AIMS harnesses the power of the Internet, together with a special communications infrastructure developed by BCP, to provide a means of transferring information which is faster, cheaper, more reliable and more convenient than traditional methods of transferring data electronically between computer systems. Totally flexible it can automate the transfer of any data, at any time, anywhere in the world and guarantees once and once only delivery.

The Royal Mint is deploying AIMS in two ways. Firstly to handle transatlantic communications with its New York based sales agent, Asset, who sell coin collections in the USA on behalf of the Mint. Secondly, to manage orders handled by an external Call Centre, including sales of its newly launched Lord of the Rings coin collection.

As Tina Oakes, Royal Mint’s Head of IT, reports: “AIMS has notably improved our trading with the States. Transactions are processed automatically overnight. More accurate data has reduced the need for error checking, audit trails are better and the costs of dealing with the States have been reduced, since all transactions viaAIMS are charged at local rather than International call rates.”

Highly satisfied with its first deployment of AIMS the Royal Mint is now using it to handle orders processed by support service company, the Capita Group. AIMShas been implemented at Capita and is used to pass orders from Capita to the Royal Mint and product and price details from the Mint to Capita. Use of AIMSallows the transfer of data to be automated, guarantees delivery of the data and provides a detailed audit trail for monitoring purposes. As Tina Oakes reports: “The combined result is fast, efficient handling of orders, which speeds up fulfilment and improves customer service. AIMS is performing just as successfully in this venture as it has in handling transactions with the US.”