Omni-Channel Retailing

The future is Omni-Channel

Our Accord Momentum EPoS solution supports full Omni-channel retailing.  Sales channels are seamlessly connected giving consumers a great customer experience with maximum flexibility and convenience in terms of buying, delivery, collecting and returning goods.  Omni-channel delivers a holistic view of the customer.

omni channel2
Research has shown that Omni-channel shoppers spend 15-30%* more than multi-channel shoppers, as well as displaying strong brand loyalty.

The retail-hardened POS suite Accord Momentum is a proven cloud-based solution that uniquely combines the benefits of lean client centricity, much lower store server expenses and both reduced and highly predictable maintenance and upgrade costs.


  • Unifies the retail experience
  • Allows consumers to be flexible in which channel they prefer
  • Create a unique experience for the customer in store and out of store
  • An increase in loyal consumers
  • Provides real time information
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