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5 ways your ERP can enhance your profits

Your ERP is the heart of your business, so it needs to be a cost-effective, scalable solution that delivers real benefits and excellent return on investment. If it doesn’t, it could be slowing your business down. Luckily, our Accord ERP system comes with a range of integrated applications designed to maximise your revenues and streamline workflows. This means your team can spend less time on paperwork and more time maximising your revenue.

With Accord you will:

Cut costs with a comprehensive range of purchasing tools

It has been estimated that nearly £1.9bn worth of food produce is wasted throughout the supply chain because of ineffective procurement processes. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of tools within our Accord system to make it easier for your buyers to monitor the entire purchasing process, from goods inward through to the purchase ledger. The system includes dynamic demand forecasting capabilities to track seasonal trends, so you can ensure you always have an ideal level of stock to meet your customers’ needs. For food and drink wholesalers concerned about reducing waste and saving money, Accord is essential.

Remain competitive with tailored ordering and pricing options for customers 

At the heart of Accord is the customer, product and price maintenance module. This consolidates all your customer information and ensures it is up-to-date across the whole Accord system. This means you can set customer-specific pricing or change the pricing as needed and be confident that your sales team has access to the latest information. They will be able to see price rises, contract prices, quantity discounts and promotional offers, such as multi-buy or mix and match.

Maximise business development opportunities with Field Sales Solutions

Accord’s customer relationship management (CRM) system is optimised for mobile and tablet systems. It is designed to work off-line, but then synchronises the latest information once network coverage is available. This means that your field agents can see the latest area/account performance and trends based on the latest sales information. It also has tools to capture prospective new customer information, including offer prices, which can be used to prepared quotations and contracts.

Improve business performance with The Perfect Order dashboard

We have developed a unique system within Accord to help you identify when issues arise during the fulfilment process. The Perfect Order dashboard enables you to assess which areas of the business are causing problems so you can immediately make improvements and increase the percentage of perfect orders to customers.


Simplify rebate management with automated business processes  

Keeping track of a large number of complex contracts, pricing structures and retrospective payments can be difficult to manage. However, with Accord you can streamline the whole process by automating supplier contract alerts, purchases and rebate calculations. This not only saves valuable time and resources but will also ultimately improve cash-flow through faster rebate claims.


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