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Our Accord system provides end-to-end supply chain solutions to help you manage your business more effectively, from buying and warehouse management through to finance and reporting. It can integrate with end-to-end Voice and RF warehouse systems which will transform your business into a real-time, paperless operation. As a result, you can reduce costs, improve accuracy and increase productivity throughout your supply chain.

But it’s not just the technology that’s important.

We have been developing Wholesale Distribution Software for over 40 years to help businesses, like you, achieve their long-term ambitions. In that time we have gained significant insights about the challenges you face and we have integrated this knowledge throughout Accord.

The result? A carefully developed system that solves a range of issues throughout the supply chain. It is designed to be flexible, so you can change and adapt it as your needs expand.

Our philosophy of looking to the future also means our solutions keep ahead of changing business and market conditions.

Which is why in today’s fast-paced digital world we developed Oporteo. An omnichannel platform that provides customers with a smooth and responsive online experience. It includes a range of features which are exclusive to B2B businesses in the wholesale sector.

We have a team of developers, analysts and support staff who are committed to helping you achieve your long term goals. Whether you want improve productivity or just streamline your sales processes, we will have a solution for you.

BCP started in 1975 and since then we have gone from strength to strength. We are now proud to be recognised as a leading supplier of supply chain software to the wholesale sector.

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Our Values


We utilise our employee’s skills and experience to build solutions that meet our customers’ needs, now and in the future


We collaborate with other leading specialists in the industry to build robust, future-proof solutions


We continuously innovate so that our solutions keep pace with the changing socio-economic and political climate


We aim to effectively communicate knowledge and expertise to internal and external stakeholders

"Our philosophy of looking to the future means our systems are designed, not only to serve current needs, but to keep pace with changing business and market conditions"

Tim Williams, Managing Director at BCP

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