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The Food Information Regulations EU1169/2011 are intended to simplify food labelling regulations, improve consistency and make them easier to understand, in order to protect consumer health and guarantee the consumer’s right to information that allows him to make informed decisions.

Mandatory requirements include an emphasis on allergen information, so allergens can be easily identified in the list of ingredients, with a focus on 14 key allergens, ranging from gluten and eggs to peanuts and celery.

The deadline for compliance with the regulations is 13th December, 2014, after which wholesalers, as Food Business Operators (FBO’s) and part of the food supply chain, will have a legal responsibility to supply only goods which are compliant and to have mandatory particulars available for customers. For C&C operators this is easy as a customer can examine product labels in depot, but for Delivered sales requirements could be more complex.

Accord users can be confident of compliance as comprehensive functionality allows this information to be logged, easily tracked and readily available to telesales operators and web and mobile customers. Import of mandatory information from the source of your choice is quick and easy, so you can be certain your information is always accurate and up to date.

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