Accord Software: Point Of Sale Module Overview Part 1

Retail till systems have come a long way in the last few years as ever improving Point Of Sale Software has added new capabilities.  Modern tills help in many areas of the business, from reducing errors and increasing processing speeds, to allowing better management of stock levels.  In fact our Accord® Point of Sale Software has so many helpful components that we have had to split our module overview into three easily digestible parts.  In part one we take a look at:

  • Customisable Checkout
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Security Checkouts
  • Checkout Operation
  • Alpha Lookup
  • Voids
  • Credits

Customisable Checkout

Raising branding awareness is important for any business and company corporate colours play a large part in this aim.  That is why we have designed our Point of Sale Software to be easily customisable, allowing clients to adapt the appearance of the checkout to reflect their own brand. 

Promotional Graphics

Our PC based Point of Sale Software operates on the Windows operating system.  The flexibility provided by Windows allows for promotional graphics to be added.  As a result it is possible to link images of individual products so that as items are sold the appropriate image is displayed. 

Security Checkouts

Many sites will require a strong level of security due to high value stock items.  In such instances a security checkout will be in operation whereby an invoice is raised and then automatically included on the payment screen at the main checkout. 

Checkout Operation

When the customer reaches the checkout the operator can enter their registration number and relevant details, such as customer name and address, are displayed.  If necessary more in-depth information can be displayed; avoiding any problems and providing a more personal experience for the customer. 

When the product code and weight or quantity of items is entered or the barcode scanned a description of the product, including pack size and price, is displayed.  To avoid any uncertainty on the customer’s part any promotional prices will be highlighted. 

As items are entered into the checkout a running total inclusive of VAT is displayed in addition to the number of lines.  To protect the business a warning will be given if the customer goes over their credit or cheque limit. 

Any orders that are discounted or surcharged are added to a log, ready for reporting at the end of the business day. 

Alpha Lookup

Accord Point of Sale Software allows for the operator to look up items by searching via product description.  The search can be carried out by any word that is contained within the description of the product or by keywords, which can be added to each individual item. 


Where required, it is possible to void a line that has already been added by entering the product code.  The system then checks the invoice to ensure that the specific line is present, before removing.  For high value items the system requires that a password is entered in order for the void to be auctioned.  All voids are logged throughout the day for end of business reporting. 


It is possible to enter credits for damaged stock, returned items and returned empties.  Again, credits are logged for reporting at the end of the day. 

If you would like further information on our Point of Sale Software then call our helpful advisors on +44(0) 161 355 3000.  Alternatively you can email BCP at or complete our contact form.