Accord Software: Point Of Sale Module Overview Part 2

In Part 1 of our Module Overview e took a look at some of the features that Accord® Point of Sale Software has to offer to.  Due to the wide ranging capabilities of the software we have broken this guide down into three separate parts.  In Part 2 we consider the following features:

  • Discount Prices
  • Override Prices
  • Single Items / Cases
  • Weights
  • Promotions Price / Discounts

Discount Prices

Existing standard prices of items can be discounted by staff – they must enter both a password and a reason code.  Any discounted items are logged for end of day reporting.

Override Prices

When an override price is entered for an item, a range check on percentage difference from file price is performed.  The difference in percentage is held as a system parameter and override prices are entered on the log for end of day reporting.

Single Items / Cases

It may be that some stock lines are sold either on an individual basis or by the case, with spirits being a prime example.  In such instances different codes numbers can be used, with a link on the product record for accurate stock reconciliation.  Where a customer is purchasing more than one of the same item, but less than a full case, the code for the case can be used.  The number of single items can then be entered manually, along with the individual price – the system will then calculate the appropriate selling price.


Weighed items can have an indicator in the product record which shows whether they are weighted in kilograms and grams or pounds and ounces.  When the weight is entered at the checkout; a value is then calculated from the price per kilogram or pound.  If a kilogram to pound conversion is required for the receipt, this is achieved through a separate indicator on the product record.

Promotions –  Price / Discounts

Promotional products are identified by way of an indicator on the product record.  Discount prices for these products are held on the product record, allowing calculation of cost and selling prices.  The product code and quantity is entered for the retail price.  Using the promotional Discount percentage, a selling price is calculated from the retail price.  The cost price of all sales and also the gross profit statistics are calculated from the retail price, using the Cost Discount percentage.

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