Accord Software: Point Of Sale Module Overview Part 3

Due to the wide range of features in our Accord® Point of Sale Software, we have broken our Module Overview down into three parts.  For features covered in the first two parts, please use the following links:

In the final instalment of our Point of Sale Module Overview we explore:

  • Real Time Till Changes
  • Customer Loyalty Schemes
  • Flexible Price Embedded Barcodes
  • Suspended Sales
  • Receipt Printing

Real Time Till Changes

Any records that are deleted, added or altered on the Back Office machine will be transferred to checkout machine via the Automatic Till Update program.  The till updating program will start automatically, but can be manually turned off in exceptional circumstances.

Be aware that this feature must be configured into the checkout system during the build process and cannot be added afterwards.

Customer Loyalty Schemes

In order to reward returning customers it is possible to operate Customer Loyalty Schemes, which can be redeemed for discounts or points.  You are able to have in place multiple schemes with their own rules running in unison.  Schemes can be applied to suppliers, groups or individual products.  In addition they can be set up to include all customers, limited to individual customer types or applied to a list of customers.  An up to date record of the performance of each customer in relation to the rewards scheme can be printed on their invoice.

Flexible Price Embedded Barcodes

In order to provide a more rapid operation at Point of Sale;  Flexible Price Embedded Barcodes allow the scanning of weight and price embedded barcodes at the checkout.

Suspended Sales

Baskets can be suspended during the input process, to be resumed at a later time.  Suspended sales can then be continued at the same checkout.

Receipt Printing

Receipts can be printed at the checkout, or on a centralised printer at the back office.  It is possible to print receipts line by line.

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