Considering the ROI from Point of Sale Software

Having excellent Point of Sale Software in place in your business can offer many benefits that will facilitate smoother running.  However, the bottom line for any business is whether Point of Sale Software will deliver a viable return on investment.   To help you answer this important question we look at the three areas where Point of Sale Software can assist your business whilst providing an excellent ROI. 

Reducing expenses

Through the reduction of paperwork, sales tax calculation and time to measure sales history, you can improve the efficiency of your company and thus slash payroll costs.  Likewise sales can be tracked accurately, which removes the need and cost of inventory making.  The ability to integrate your accounting can also bring down your yearly accountant costs. 

Increasing sales

By use of a customer list you can target specific customers with direct mail messages regarding certain products or services; which should deliver high conversion rates.  Most importantly Point of Sale Software provides the ability to identify which products are best sellers, allowing you to make sure you always have them in stock.  This can have a huge impact on the overall appeal of a business as it is the stock that defines your store.  As long as you continue to stock popular items, your customers will keep on coming back. 

Improve gross profit

The ability to easily access end of day sales reports means that you can constantly monitor your exact profit margin against your target figure.  If the business is not performing as well as you hoped, you can drill further into the figures and identify low profit margin areas and products.  As such you will have the required information to decide whether to continue with certain lines, or replace them with more profitable alternatives.  A centralised pricing solution also ensures that prices remain consistent throughout the store and any other branches.  This removes the chance of pricing mistakes and likelihood of customers querying prices; they tend to believe what the computer says. 

Whilst we have looked at the most obvious areas that Point of Sale Software can deliver ROI, there are many other benefits that are too numerous to touch on in this article.  However, our helpful customer advisors are waiting to take your call and answer any further queries you may have.  Give them a call today on +44(0) 161 355 3000.  Alternatively you can email direct to or complete our online contact form.