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Retailers Welcome Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a form of a digital wallet contactless payment technology as well as a new feature for iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. It pulls your credit cards, debit cards, and other sensitive-payment data from the Passbook app, enabling you to use an iPhone 6 or Apple Watch as a wallet at store checkouts. (more…)

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Modernising the data supply chain with Data as a Service

Getting access to data at a speed has never been more important, however the data supply chain still has to catch up with demand

This is mainly because the passing of data is slow, data is passed hand to hand from IT operations to the teams that need it. The process for requesting and provisioning data is largely ad hoc. As a result of these systems large enterprises can take weeks or even months to get the data they need.


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The Evolution of Mobile in Retail

Mobile retailing is rising rapidly a quarter of all online sales in the UK take place via smartphone and tablets and by 2018 this figure will be much more. Mobile retailing demonstrates the effect that technology innovation is demanding of retailers. This year retailers have stepped up their efforts by incorporating mobile into other parts of the customer journey, including order fulfilment, payments, and loyalty.

Mobile payments aren’t just likely but are expected as more and more people have adopted smartphones. Mobile banking (deposits, bill pay, etc.) is becoming more ‘mainstream’ for consumers, particularly for online goods and services. Google, PayPal, Apple, and Starbucks are all offering new mobile payment capabilities to keep up with demand.  (more…)

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Is Crypto Currency the future for Retail?

What Is A Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a new form of currency that is entirely digital as exists solely on its own network. Cryptocurrencies operate solely peer-to-peer, meaning that they are completely global and are not controlled by any sort of government. It is like virtual money that can be spent on items or services, or even exchanged for real cash. (more…)

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Are Mobile Technologies Secure?

There is still an issue of trust when it comes to new solutions in payment. Consumers feel that new mobile payment technologies dont come with the same level of protection as existing payment methods such as bank cards. Truth be told the nervousness that comes with technology developments the largely the industry’s failure to explain what it is that makes one solution secure and another less so.  (more…)

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Sunday Shopping. What does this mean for retailers?

Tomorrow it is proposed that the Chancellor will set out plans to hand out extended powers to councils to allow longer trading hours on Sundays as a measure to boost the economy. It’s thought such a move could also drive more than £200m a year in extra sales in the capital.

Currently shops over 3,015 sq ft are banned from trading for longer than six hours on a Sunday. High Street shops have been coming under growing pressure from online retailers, which now account for 11% of retail sales overall – rising to 17% in the month before Christmas of last year. (more…)

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