BCP’s Oporteo Set to Help Cheese Specialists Achieve Their Number One Aim

Cheese+ has selected BCP’s “Oporteo” for its unique benefits and contemporary approach to ecommerce

Cheese Plus Press Release v3

Cheese+ is a specialist cheese company based in Cambridge supplying the finest artisan cheese, charcuterie and olives, plus everything else you would expect to find in your favourite delicatessen.  They have chosen BCP’s ecommerce offering, Oporteo, to further their number one aim of looking after their customers better than anybody else.

Oporteo’s class-leading user experience will offer an enhanced solution to their customers. This will be of particular benefit to the smaller independent retailers and caterers they service.

As a specialist food and drink software solutions provider, BCP was ideally placed to design a fresh approach to ecommerce.  Oporteo offers a packaged solution for contemporary ecommerce, specifically designed to help B2B food and drink organisations stay ahead of the competition, maintain their competitive edge and offer new growth and cost reduction opportunities.

Cheese + were particularly attracted to Oporteo’s unique features:

  • Real time integration to the back office
  • Pay as you go with single quarterly fee
  • Specifically designed for B2B food and drink industry

For more details of all the functionality offered by Oporteo, contact: 0161 355 3000 or contact@oporteo.co.uk