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Why NOW is the time to invest in IT

With the economy struggling and tough times predicted the temptation can be to postpone capital investment and ignore technology improvements in the short to medium term.   However, experience shows that controlling costs and improving efficiency are more critical at these times and investing in appropriate technology can help you do just that.   (more…)

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Contactless Technology – The Future of Point Of Sale Software Is Here

Since its inception in the mid-1970s, point of sale software has become an essential tool for retailers. Numerous advancements have been made as technology has evolved and we have seen such developments as touch screen operation and warehouse integration capability. Contactless technology is the next leap forward and is becoming ever more common place in retail outlets. But how does it work and what are the benefits? (more…)

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What is the advantage of using Digital Vouchers?

Using digital vouchers gives the use the capability to redeem simply and securely. It enables real-time  reporting and tracks customer usage. Eagle Eye’s original technology provides an effective way to distribute, process and measure mobile couponing and gift voucher redemption using the existing credit card terminals and Epos technology. It is simple and convenient for the customer to use, and for the retailer gives complete securtiy and better intelligence for reporting. (more…)

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Using ‘The Cloud’

A cloud with a silver lining…

Everyone is talking about ‘the cloud’ as the way of delivering business solutions to the retail sector.  However, despite its many proclaimed benefits, like the UK weather ‘the cloud’ can be unpredictable, raising important questions for retail businesses.  One of the key issues to be addressed is: (more…)

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