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Beacons are the future

Paul Brown, chief technology officer at The Grass Roots Group in his recent article Beacons: the future of promotion reward technologyhighlighted that in the past few years beacon technology has become increasingly very popular in the retail sector. Beacons are cheap and simple way to identify a consumer in a location, at a point in time which allows promotions and incentives to be targeted not only on customer segment but on location, time and inventory. (more…)

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Key retail predictions

Omni-channel retail experience becomes the norm

The retail industry is experiencing a shift of customers are switching between online and physical store contacts on their journey towards a purchase. Customers want to be able to find information about a product, approach the company and make the purchase in the channel of their choice – and also to be able to create their own customer journey with channels they choose. Multi-Channel retailing is now expected from comsumers. (more…)

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