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Are Mobile Technologies Secure?

There is still an issue of trust when it comes to new solutions in payment. Consumers feel that new mobile payment technologies dont come with the same level of protection as existing payment methods such as bank cards. Truth be told the nervousness that comes with technology developments the largely the industry’s failure to explain what it is that makes one solution secure and another less so.  (more…)

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Sunday Shopping. What does this mean for retailers?

Tomorrow it is proposed that the Chancellor will set out plans to hand out extended powers to councils to allow longer trading hours on Sundays as a measure to boost the economy. It’s thought such a move could also drive more than £200m a year in extra sales in the capital.

Currently shops over 3,015 sq ft are banned from trading for longer than six hours on a Sunday. High Street shops have been coming under growing pressure from online retailers, which now account for 11% of retail sales overall – rising to 17% in the month before Christmas of last year. (more…)

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4 Omni-Channel steps all retailers must take

  1. Gain not just visibility, but availability

Retailers are gradually making the transition to omni-channel data sharing, but complete visibility of inventory alone does not improve allocation and fulfilment. It is necessary to see what’s already on order, in transit or returned across networks to create complete operational control. The retailer needs to be able to view the inventory available to meet the specific customer proposition. (more…)

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Digital Displays  

The new allergens labelling law came into effect on the 13th December 2014. It requires retailers to clearly label food products at the shelf edge and display any ingredients which might trigger consumers’ allergies. As new laws come in, technology is on hand to provide solutions, along with time and cost savings, for retailers.  (more…)

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Multi-Channel Predictions for 2015

The UK’s leading retailers share predictions on the top key e-commerce milestones for 2015.

  • Beacon Technology

This technology enables retailers to communicate directly with customers whilst they are close to or instore. Shoppers are sent messages and alerts about offers, product details and information that is relevant to the store in which they are shopping, or they are enticed to shop in a nearby store. (more…)

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Digital Watermarking in Retail

Digital watermarks are imperceptible patterns embedded into printed or recorded material. Devices with more sensitive “eyes and ears,” like smartphones, can detect the unique ID within the pattern and link the item to the Internet — like a QR code.

The watermarks are hidden within printed material, like product packaging or photographs, and don’t take up space the way a QR or bar code does. (more…)

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