Cash and Carry Solutions

Cash and carry business must have detailed information instantly available to stay ahead if the competition, reduce margines and manage higher overheads. 

Our Software Solutions are designed to ensure you have all this data at your fingertips, from improved buying information and the highlighting of slow-moving lines, to the detailed stock and sales statistics critical to improved wholesale stock management. 

Accord and Accord WMS will help you streamline routine procedures, monitor performance, improve customer service and operate in a more profitable manner.

Keep reading to learn more about the key feature in Accord that will help Cash and Carry businesses maximise their operational efficiency. 

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“Our average order value has increased by over 10% since the introduction of Accord. It has also given us better control and is helping us to grow the business efficiently.”

Eric Scott, Finance Director, T.Quality

Here are some features specifically for Cash and Carry businesses:

Automatic Stock Prompts

So you can easily identify when products need re-ordering, react quickly to sales trends and ensure your stock levels are always kept to the optimum level.

Compliance with Food & Drink Regulations

With our Product Information Management (PIM) System you can store all relevant ingredients, allergens, size, images and more to meet regulatory requirements.

Scheduled Delivery Capability

So you can set when you want to receive products from your suppliers and  avoid receiving perishable products with short ‘best before’ dates.

Making Tax Digital Capability

So you can submit your VAT Returns to HMRC in the required digital format without disruption to existing accounting systems and processes.

Full Product Traceability

With Voice and RF all of your warehouse activity is time and date stamped, enabling you to easily cross-reference goods received with purchase orders, and identify any discrepancies.

Bonded Warehouse Functionality

Fully compliant with HMRC and Irish Tax and Customs Regulations to ensure that the correct VAT for bonded operations is paid promptly each month.