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Supply Chain Software for  Cash and Carry 

Over the last few years, most cash & carries have looked to offering a delivered service to provide expansion. In turn, this has meant new and additional information is required. Accord was designed from the outset as a system for the mixed operator. 

The Accord integrated Cash & Carry point of sale software modules have been designed with the fundamentally important objectives of security, control, and fast throughput of customers at the checkout. The Delivered Trade operation is fully serviced by proactive telesales, full order processing, and vehicle scheduling.  Both include BCP’s leading Accord stock control software, purchasing and integrated ledgers. 

Whether you are a small independent operator or a large organisation with multiple depots, Accord provides all the necessary functionality and benefits to run a successful and profitable operation.

Here are some of the features we have built into Accord for the Cash & Carry wholesaler:

  • Easy to use PC based Point of Sale software with scanning, full-price look up and a host of other features to help you improve the customer’s shopping experience 
  • Powerful resilience. This ensures your checkouts will continue to operate in the unlikely event of the main processor being unavailable 
  • Customer Reception for efficient registration and booking in of customers, credit checking, handling of coupons, returns, etc 
  • Central Cash Point with full invoice printing, payment, and reporting options – as an alternative to payment and invoicing at checkouts 
  • Multicurrency and Euro compliancy 
  • Powerful promotional and loyalty facilities 
  • Purchase Order Management with advanced demand forecasting to assist planning and stock control and help you to negotiate the best deals with your suppliers 
  • Stock Control software allowing you to streamline stockholdings, release working capital and increase profitability whilst still meeting customer demand 
  • Fully integrated, multicurrency Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger and Nominal Ledger/Management Accounts
    Hand-Held and Radio Frequency features. These provide a real-time link to your IT systems and help you to improve selling face activities (e.g. Gap Replenishment, Price Verification and Shelf Edge Label production) and warehouse activities (e.g.Goods Received, Stock Taking) 
  • Conventional and Internet EDI 
  • Reporting options throughout to help you monitor, control and plan effectively 
  • For Mixed Operators, Accord also offers features to help you better manage Delivered activities. These include Sales Order Management, with proactive Telesales, and Warehouse Management with RF and Voice Recognition for improved accuracy and productivity

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It became clear very quickly that Accord was going
 to help us maintain and develop the company’s competitive advantage. Profit margins quickly 
improved, alongside significant reductions in stockholding and better purchasing."

Musgrave Ltd

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