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Accord has been instrumental in helping us to successfully drive our whole business forward. By allowing us to co-operate closely with retail stores, exchanging data and management information, we have been able to reduce both warehouse and store stock levels whilst improving margins and service levels.

Appleby Westward
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Appleby Westward is part of the BWG Group and the SPAR wholesaler for SW England

BCP’s Accord software provides a complete solution for Symbol group wholesalers supplying an estate of company owned and independent retail stores.

It allows you to manage and control all of your activities from warehouse back door to retail point of sale, including Buying, Stock Control, Warehouse Management, Logistics, Point of Sale and Financial Accounts.

Symbol Group wholesaling is a partnership between the Wholesaler and Retailer. Stock whether at store or warehouse represents the tying up of capital. It is, therefore, essential that any system, as one of its main issues, should address not only the movement of product between the warehouse and the retailer, but also from the retailer to the customer.

The introduction of the in store Accord – Retailer modules, linking seamlessly with the Accord wholesale system at the distribution depot, ensures the retailer achieves increased profitability and service levels from the provision of up to date meaningful management information. This includes sophisticated range planning, pricing and margin control. The wholesaler benefits from the availability of shared data. Purchasing and stock can be planned to ensure product is readily available to meet the needs of the retailer, without tying up capital in unnecessarily high stock levels.

Matching stock to demand and maintaining consistently high levels of service at both retail and wholesale, achieves the optimum, in ensuring a smooth and profitable operation.

Here are some of the features we have built into Accord to help you better manage both your wholesale and retail activities:

  • Detailed product data tailored to the food and drink market
  • Full bar code support
  • Detailed store data including store size, indicators for news, video, dairy sections, etc
  • Comprehensive pricing facilities, including wholesale and retail pricing policies
  • EPoS File Maintenance, allowing you to download date controlled product, price and promotion information to store back office systems to update the point of sale software
  • Sales Order Management – with facilities to take orders through Tele-Ordering and electronically from store back office systems. Web ordering allows stores to log on to your system over the Internet and order goods online at their convenience
  • AIMS – Accord Internet Messaging Service. AIMS offers you a faster, cheaper and more reliable alternative for exchanging EPoS and other data with your stores
  • Purchase Order Management with advanced demand forecasting to assist planning and stock control and help you to negotiate the best deals with your suppliers
  • Warehouse Management and Stock Control software to help you reduce stock levels, rationalise stock ranges, maximise utilisation of warehouse space and the efficiency of warehousing operations
  • Fully resilient, euro compatible retail EPoS software. Includes all the features necessary for the modern point of sale including multi currency, deals, multiple tenders, full weighted item support, video rental support and webcam/CCTV security
  • Accord – Retailer Back Office system for automated replenishment, stock control and pricing control. Features include News Management, Food to Go, Forecourt interface, cash control, Ordering, Shelf Edge Label production
  • Voice WMS and RF technologies. These provide a real-time link to your computer system and help you to improve accuracy and productivity over a range of activities, including goods received, stock taking and picking confirmation
  • Conventional and Internet EDI
  • Fully integrated, multicurrency Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger and Nominal Ledger/Management Accounts
  • Reporting options throughout so that you can monitor, control and plan activities

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