Leveraging Best POS Options Provides Higher ROI

Point-of-sale is the epicenter for driving sales and profits – when the right solution is in place. Every retailer knows this and wants to realize greater value from their systems and also lower overall maintenance expenses.

Deciding what POS system to buy is an omni-present question and one that always ranks among the top investment questions. Do you go with thin client architecture? Embrace fat client? Strive for total integration across the enterprise?

With the rise of the omnichannel retailing era, the need for a POS system that delivers low cost of ownership and heightened payback in all areas is prompting leaders in IT, Finance, Operations and other areas to explore the total ROI and the performance impact with new urgency.

BCP’s POS solution suite, Accord Momentum,uniquely addresses these needs.  A retail hardened, lean cloud-based solution, it combines the benefits of thin-client centricity – no store server expenses, lower upgrade and maintenance costs – with the robustness and 24/7 uptime consistency of fat-server environments.

The Accord Momentum solution suite marks an important inflexion point in the retail industry.

Agile and flexible, it can be configured as a standard or a web based EPoS solution that operates on-premise, on-line and on mobile devices.

It can also be interfaced to any back office, head office, CRM or ERP system and be deployed over a LAN, WAN, VPN or Broadband Internet. A level of integration that is absolutely vital for retailing success today.

Among the benefits:

  • Real-time centralized control and visibility of trading data
  • Ease of deployment, upgrades and maintenance
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Complete scalability
  • A “cloud based” lean-client configuration that provides true NonStop trading should the network fail ie uninterrupted operation with the same speed, appearance and functionality and without the need for any fallback software.

Accord Momentum’s web-based EPoS Software solutions are available to suit a wide range of retail formats, representing a major opportunity for retailers.