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You don’t believe SaaS and Cloud computing have real benefits for Retail

You’ve clearly identified some of the short-comings of these new offerings and have not been won over by the claims of lower cost of ownership, flexibility and real time control!

Probably the biggest issue with these new offerings is resilience.  They all claim to guarantee resilience and continuous trading, but, in reality, this is usually only achieved by implementing additional fall back software to keep your tills trading in the event of a break in the communications infrastructure removing access to ‘the cloud’.

At BCP, we too have identified those issues and we’ve developed a unique lean client cloud-based retail software solution which offers all the benefits of cloud computing, but with the resilience associated with traditional solutions – without the need for an additional fall back solution.

The unique architecture of our Accord Momentum retail solution ensures that any loss of the Cloud infrastructure is auto-sensed and the POS continues to operate transparently to the user and the customer, retaining all functionality and performance.  Once the cloud service returns Accord Momentum will auto-sense this and automatically re-synchronise all data to retain system integrity.

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