Release 3.70 User Guides

The documentation for Accord release 3.70 (September 2016) can be accessed from this page in a HTML format.

HTML Help Files for Intranets

This is a browser based online help system that is available for use on Intranets.

Downloading HTML Help Files for Intranets

  1. 1. Click the following link to download the 3.70 HTML Help
  2. 2. A prompt is then displayed providing options to either Open or Save the files to disk
  3. 3. Click the Save button to download the files to disk

Setting Up The HTML Help Files on an Intranet

  1. 1. To set up the Accord Online Help system on an Intranet, unzip the downloaded files
  2. 2. Copy the NetHelp folder to your Intranet server
  3. 3. You will then need to add a link within your Intranet to the Accord Online Help (NetHelp/Default.htm)

Note: From Accord release 3.50, Accord Online Help (i.e. Windows User Guides) will no longer be provided in a PDF format.