Monitoring & Control

Accord® provides a comprehensive suite of reporting tools and techniques to allow users to access the wealth of data available from the system and ensure the information needs of all users are satisfied.

Options range from easy to use, inbuilt reporting tools and standard reports through to integration with third party/dedicated Query and Reporting systems which provide in depth analysis and sophisticated, graphical reports, while the Accord Business Alerts module provides an early warning system so you can take prompt action when critical issues occur in your business.

Armed with appropriate information managers can effectively monitor performance against key performance indicators, identify trends and make fully informed decisions about business issues.

  • Over 200 standard Accord reports with user definable parameters and superb integration with Microsoft Office and other products for quick and simple reporting
  • Advanced query and interrogation tools to access underlying data
  • Sophisticated, real-time graphical representation
    • Instantly visualise KPIs
    • High quality dashboards, 3D graphics, complex groupings, drill downs and sub reports
    • Exportable to a wide variety of commonly used formats such as PDF, HTML, Word…
  • Business Alerts to automatically monitor Accord 24/7 and alert you to commercial or operational issues which might require attention eg low stock, late deliveries, job stream completion…

monitoring and control