Demand Forecasting

Maximise customer service levels – Minimise stock levels

Accord’s Dynamic Demand Forecasting system allows you to deliver the highest service levels to your customers whilst keeping stock levels to the absolute minimum. Self-maintaining, it handles all the heavy number crunching, leaving buyers free to focus on the finer details of the procurement process.

Benefits Include:

  • Automatic prompting of re-order quantities
  • A choice of suggested order algorithms
  • Adaptive smoothing – self-adjusting to set the optimum smoothing. Allows forecasts to react quickly to sales trends, but not to over-react to random fluctuations in demand
  • Flexible demand profiling to manage seasonality, special events, promotions, etc
  • Daily profiling for short shelf life items like chilled foods
  • Exception management – to identify and manage discrepancies
  • Minimum safety stock calculation
  • Flexible stock ranking for safety stock to optimise service levels on key lines and reduce stock on non-key lines