Track customer contact – optimise customer service

BCP’s Customer Relationship Management System – Accord-CRM – provides an effective and easy way of storing, viewing and tracking all customer contacts and relevant information so that customer issues are progressed and resolved as efficiently as possible and customer service maximised.

The system comprises a central repository for all customer calls, a single, instant access console from which to access all customer related information, previous contacts and associated documents and user definable work flows so issues can be routed automatically to the right person.  This ensures that all relevant facts are to hand when dealing with a customer, the progress of tasks and workflows can be monitored to check that actions have been completed, and any problem areas or hold ups can be easily identified and addressed.  Traditional problems such as lost emails, forgotten memory notes and mislaid post-its become a thing of the past.

Providing an overall view of customer satisfaction, the Accord-CRM system is ideal for all customer facing departments such as telesales, credit control, customer services, sales and account management, is simple to implement and highly flexible so users can configure many features to suit their own requirements.

Key features

  • Single, central console for easy access
  • Central repository of CRM calls
  • User configurable workflows
  • Support for customer groups
  • Closed Call analysis using user defined solution codes
  • Full user configurability for users, departments, CRM status, call types, analysis codes, workflows
  • Full accountability