EPoS Software Solutions

Accord® EPoS Software solutions offer Point of Sale configurations for all retail formats

For Retail store point of sale, Accord EPoS software has been designed to provide fast, reliable, resilient processing, ensuring that customer service and store efficiency are optimised. Sophisticated, yet easy to use, Accord EPoS software provides the full range of point of sale functionality necessary for successful retailing, including integrated EFTPoS, multi-currency and comprehensive in-store promotion control.

Customers benefit from fast, trouble-free transactions and short queues at the point of sale. Sales assistants find the familiar Windows look and feel of the EPoS software easy to adopt, while managers have access to detailed EPoS sales data to help run the business effectively.

Easily tailored to meet your particular needs, Accord EPoS software links automatically to all Accord Momentum modules or other third party systems, for full store management, where required. It is easily deployed on EPoS hardware from most manufacturers and is available on-premise, on mobile devices or as a fully resilient cloud based EPoS system.

EPoS Software Features

  • Easy to use touch screen Point of Sale Software
  • Available  as an on-premise, mobile or cloud-based solution
  • Support for multiple tenders, coupons and cash back
  • Wizard driven promotions and deals management
  • Age checking
  • Return and refund management
  • Multicurrency
  • Customer accounts
  • Full electronic audit

Industry Solutions

Accord EPoS Software solutions are available to suit a wide range of retail formats.  Click on the following links to learn more about the Point of Sale Software features provided for:

EPoS Software Interfaces

Accord EPoS software solutions can form part of an integrated Accord Retail System, or can be provided as Point of Sale software only, to be interfaced to any back office, head office, CRM or ERP system. In these instances, Accord-Momentum provides a unique, state of the art web based EPoS Software solution for driving down retailer costs. Agile and flexible, AccordMomentum can be deployed over a LAN, WAN, VPN or Broadband Internet. Its component driven Object Orientated Architecture (OOA) facilitates easy development and integration of application extensions.

Accord-Momentum provides the cost benefits of lean client technology with real-time control whilst maintaining the efficiency and resilience of traditional till technologies to deliver lower cost of ownership, greater efficiency and better margins, as well as helping retailers to reduce their carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment.

Non-stop™ operation allows trading to continue uninterrupted in the event of network or communications failure with absolutely no change to the appearance, functionality or speed of operation and no requirement for fall-back software to cover these eventualities.

EPoS Software for Your Business

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