Voice Picking 

Voice Technology is most frequently used in the warehouse for Order Picking and it is here that some of the most significant benefits can be realised. Pickers wear a portable computer with a headset and microphone.  The computer links directly to the main Warehouse Management System (WMS) which gives pickers real-time picking commands while they confirm their actions directly back to the system as they undertake their work.

Voice Picking offers the equivalent accuracy of an RF device with a barcode scanner, and can be higher if volume counts are involved. It also leads to higher productivity compared with scanning technology because instructions and responses do not involve the operative’s eyes or hands.

The benefit of a Voice Directed WMS is that everything occurs in real-time, including the Picking. This means Warehouse Managers can see exactly when instructions were listened to by operatives and when they were responded to. They also have an overview of the performance of the whole warehouse operation. This makes it easier to manage operations as incidents occur and to identify individual performance issues or training requirements.

Training a voice picking profile for the limited number of responses required takes around 30 minutes, and there is no need for screen navigation or software training for operatives.


  • Improve pick rates by 15% or more

  • Slash error rates by as much as 90%

  • Improve picking accuracy to between 99.97 and 99.99%

  • Deliver a payback of 6 to 12 months, or even less

Voice Directed Features: 

  • Multiple forms of picking including route pick; single order pick; batch picking; warehouse zone picking; multi-order batch picking; auto-triggered pallet pick
  • Pick Face Out-of Stock-Monitor
  • In-warehouse accidental Stock Damage
  • Batch number and use-by date traceability on selected products
  • Product Putaway 
  • Pallet Movements 


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