Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Accord CRM is a central repository that enables you to easily store, view and track all customer-related information, including contact information, previous communications and associated documents. 

The system includes user-definable workflows so customers can be directed to the right person. This makes it easier and faster to resolve queries and maximise your customer service levels. The progress of customer-related activities can also be monitored to ensure actions are completed and problems are addressed. 

This is an ideal CRM system for all customer-facing departments such as telesales, credit control, customer services, sales and account management. It is also simple to implement and can be configured to suit your own needs. 


  • Customer information updated in real-time
  • Central repository for customer information that all users can easily access
  • User-configurable workflows
  • Closed-call analysis using user-defined solution codes
  • Configurable for all users, departments, CRM status, call types, analysis codes, workflows
  • Provides businesses with full accountability
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