Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting within Accord enables wholesalers to easily manage stock levels and ensure they are always at optimum levels in order to meet customers needs. It handles all the heavy number crunching which leaves buyers free to focus on the finer details of the purchasing process.


  • Automatic prompting of re-order quantities
  • A choice of suggested order algorithms
  • Adaptive smoothing – self-adjusting to set the optimum smoothing. Allows forecasts to react quickly to sales trends, but not to over-react to random fluctuations in demand
  • Flexible demand profiling to manage seasonality, special events, promotions, etc
  • Daily profiling for short shelf life items like chilled foods
  • Exception management – to identify and manage discrepancies
  • Minimum safety stock calculation
  • Flexible stock ranking for safety stock to optimise service levels on key lines and reduce stock on non-key lines

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