Accord Internet Messaging Service (AIMS)

The Accord Internet Messaging Service (AIMS) helps wholesale distributors improve the flow of information between customers and suppliers, and between different branches or depots within an organisation. The communications infrastructure we developed enables businesses to transfer information  faster, cheaper, more reliably than traditional methods of transferring data electronically.

AIMS eliminates the need for specialised software to translate data into the appropriate format for transmission and overcomes the need for both sending and receiving applications to be in a ‘ready state’ when data is to be transferred.  It allows users to send all their business messages at a time convenient to them, whether or not the receiver is ready.


  • Automated delivery
  • Speed and convenience – fast, reliable trouble-free data transmission and retrieval. One call to collect or transmit information to all your stores or relevant customers/suppliers, at a time convenient to you
  • Security – high security encryption; resilience; fail safe, reliable delivery
  • Reduced Costs – local call rates; reduced manpower requirements; reduced infrastructure costs
  • Flexibility – any data, anytime, anywhere; multi-drop messaging; redirection; Email and SMS options
  • Future proof technology
  • Marketing and PR opportunities – share information with suppliers; advertise new promotions to your customers
  • Available as a stand-alone system for any business or as an integral part of an Accord implementation
  • Ideal for transfer of data from EPoS software
  • SaaS service requiring no major investment in new hardware or software

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