Accord provides comprehensive purchasing solutions that cover all aspects of procurement, from prompting when orders should be placed, through the complete order cycle to goods inward, invoice checking and automatic posting to the Purchase Ledger.

Our purchasing solutions are designed to easily manage a large stock range, short-life products, fluctuating demand, promotional activities and complex pricing,  automates procedures wherever possible, whilst providing the buyer with the information and flexibility to use his skill and creativity where required.

It produces all the routine paperwork associated with procurement, together with extensive reporting options which make it easy to monitor and control the whole operation.


  • Improved Ordering with advanced Demand Forecasting, Central Buying and Central Store Replenishment options.
  • Efficient Goods Inward with delivery scheduling, purchase invoice matching and Voice or RF Goods Receiving options.
  • Effective Monitoring and Control with Supplier Relationship Management, user-configurable dashboards and graphical reporting.
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