Stock Control Software

If it’s retail or wholesale distribution, have you looked at the Accord Stock Control system?

Too much stock ties up working capital and warehouse space
Too little stock reduces customer service level and loses sales

Accord’s Stock Control Software provides you with the tools and processes that you need to optimise stock holding and control costs.  The software has been designed and developed to provide tight integration with the Sales Order Management, EPoS, Purchase Order Management and Warehouse Management software modules so that stock replenishment is performed in line with forecasted demand, stock outs are avoided and warehouse efficiency is maximised.

With Accord, you can be sure that your stock control procedures are programmed to deliver accuracy and efficiency.

Here are some of the key features and benefits available in Accord’s Inventory Management software modules:

  • Adaptive Demand Forecasting
  • Self-Adjusting Re-Order Levels by setting Safety Stock in days
  • Economic Order Quantity related to Lead Time
  • Real Time Operation using Radio Frequency Networking and Voice Technologies for fork lift truck drivers, order pickers and stocktakers
  • Cycle Counting and Perpetual Inventory
  • Stock Rotation by Best Before Date
  • Effective use of Bar Code Technology for Accurate Stock Recording
  • Stock Evaluation by FIFO, Average or Current Cost
  • Stock Variance Reporting
  • Stock Movement Reporting
  • Stock Performance Reporting highlighting slow moving stock and stock outs
  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Central control of remote sites either via central server or remote download
BCP’s vertical market stock control software for the Retail and Wholesale distribution industry has been proven to deliver real financial benefits by some of the UK’s market leaders.  Distribution of fast moving consumer goods is a testing environment for inventory software, and you need the best if you are to be a real player in this market.  As with all business software developed by BCP, integration and flexibility are the key.

BCP’s Accord Supply Chain Software suite includes modules for:

  • Product/Price Management
  • Sales Order Fulfilment
  • Procurement
  • Warehouse Management
  • EPoS Software
  • Retail Back Office Software
  • Retail Head Office Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Business Reporting
  • eBusiness
The software has been developed to take full advantage of the Microsoft Windows environment and provides close integration with Microsoft Office.

Contact us to discuss your own specific application software requirements or to arrange a demo.

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