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Using Telesales to Beat the Recession
18th July 2012, 1230-1300hrs (GMT)
In the face of continuing tough economic conditions, soaring energy and commodity costs and intensifying competition, service differentiation, underpinned by solid systems, is one of the few defences against profit margin erosion and customer migration.

In this online event BCP’s Chris Pass and Jason Spurdle will discuss the features vital to a successful telesales operation and explain how the right technology can help you to:

  • Convert telesales operators from order takers to order makers
  • Grow sales and increase margins without any extra financial investment
  • Raise customer service levels
  • Improve customer loyalty / retention levels

Please note that this webinar includes a live demonstration which is only available at the event – not as a download

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Registration deadline is 1000hrs (GMT), 18th July 2012.

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