Regardless of future technological changes, trends or consumer behaviour, the brands that succeed will always be the ones which keep their consumers front of mind.

The main marketing strategy is focusing on the customer experience. The customer always comes first and the way to keep a customer happy is to make their journey and experience as easy as possible. Below are 5 retail marketing strategies.

1. Physical social proofing

Incorporating social media into the brick and mortar stores. This may include online reviews in store, Facebook likes for popular items, and incorporating screens with live product pages. Recommendations and reviews are powerful factors in converting a lead into a sale.

2. Mobile app to let shoppers skip checkout lines

Develop a mobile app like the Scan As You Shop which is already available, this allows shoppers to browse, scan and buy products online whilst in store as convenience and speed is something physical stores have over their online counterparts and skipping queues and reducing the amount of time customers have to spend in store.

3. Crowd source suggestions for new products or selections

Crowd sourcing can be done via online surveys, social media, hosting competitions or handing out surveys. This can encourage customers to be more engaged and play a greater role in the products offered.

4. Interact on social

This one is pretty simple, just interact on social media, by engaging, responding and developing meaningful relationships through interactions and dialogue. The topic doesn’t always have to be about your brand.

5. Organise group offers on social media

Using social media as a platform to share discounts, get people involved and get more likes for your page or more follows on your account. This will widen your reach as people share your page or retweet from your twitter account.