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5 warehouse KPI's all wholesalers should be monitoring 

Performance metrics are a universal way to measure the effectiveness of your business. However, failure to measure warehouse performance correctly, or if it’s too much of a time-consuming task, makes it difficult to improve and achieve optimal efficiency. It is no longer enough to just set goals for revenue and profits. Wholesalers should also be monitoring and evaluating the following tasks within the warehouse on an ongoing basis.

Time and Resources required for Goods Receiving

Receiving is often an overlooked aspect of the warehouse process. However, metrics that measure your receiving performance are a crucial KPI in the warehouse. This is where the whole process begins and any inefficiency at this point will continue throughout the warehouse.  

With Voice Goods Receiving you can track the volume of goods received, per operative, per hour. Your team can also cross-reference goods received with purchase orders in real-time. This means that they can identify any discrepancies immediately. The real-time functionality means all warehouse activity, from goods received through to delivery, will be time and date stamped. Giving you total traceability.

Speed and Accuracy of the Put-Away process 

It takes time to sort and put-away new inventory, but do you know how much time? This is important because inventory that is on-site, but not accessible, is unable to create income. Ensuring your team is as efficient and accurate as possible will ensure a smoother picking operation further down the line. Thus, also reducing order lead times.

Our Voice Labour Management system provides you with complete visibility of your workforce, across the whole warehouse. This means you can schedule workloads and adjust staff levels as needed, not just at the put-away process. You can gain greater operational efficiency because you can analyse individual worker productivity, at each stage, and spot any potential bottlenecks.

Picking Productivity and Costs

As they say, time is money and order picking is the most expensive and complicated processes within the warehouse. These processes combine people, equipment, IT and customer needs. They are tied to order lead time, thus customer satisfaction, which only elevates its importance. 

With Voice Picking, the productivity across the warehouse improves up to 50% because it enables workers to operate hands-free. This simplifies and streamlines these processes, making it a lot quicker. Voice WMS also significantly reduces the administrative burden of printing and distributing picking lists, and makes reporting and invoicing a lot faster.

Perfect Orders and Error-Free Rates During Distribution

There’s no denying that Amazon has had a significant impact on people’s online shopping habits and expectations. They are one of the biggest contributors to the rise of ecommerce which is reshaping how wholesalers do business. Not only creating a need for B2B ecommerce, but also the need for faster, cheaper and accurate order fulfilment. This is adding extra pressure on warehouse operations.

We have developed a system to help you identify when issues arise during the fulfilment process. From sales input, through to dispatch and delivery. The Perfect Order Dashboard enables you to track the number of orders delivered incorrectly so you can see where problems arise. This means you can immediately make improvements and increase the percentage of Perfect Orders to your customers.


Rate and cost of Returns

Warehouses often need to process returns but this can add significant costs to the whole warehouse operations. As a result, you need to measure the rate in which goods are being returned. You can then diagnose the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. 

However, by implementing Accord Voice WMS your warehouse operations become more streamlined and fulfilment is more accurate. This means you can reduce the number of incorrect orders being shipped, and thus reduce the costs to correct them.


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