About the Webinar: A Deep Dive into Warehouse Automation for Wholesale Success

This engaging session on Warehouse Automation for Wholesale Success, which you can now watch on demand, features four distinguished industry experts: Clare Bottle, CEO of the UK Warehousing AssociationAndrew Bushell, Senior Systems Development Manager at SparJohn Bovill, Chief Transformation and Technology Officer at Majestic Wines; and Andy Pratt, Business Transformation Specialist at BCP.

You’ll Learn About

• The Benefits and Challenges of Warehouse Automation:
Gain first-hand insights from industry experts who have successfully navigated the automation landscape.

• Identifying Key Areas for Automation: 
Discover how to pinpoint the most impactful areas in your warehouse that can benefit from automation.

• Overcoming Implementation Hurdles: 
Learn strategies to tackle everyday obstacles in deploying automation technologies.

• Boosting Efficiency and Growth: 
Understand the significant impact of automation on the efficiency of wholesale operations and overall business growth. We look forward to continuing this journey together and await your thoughts on the webinar content! Feel free to contact us today