In today’s fast-moving, competitive retail environment the ability to take early advantage of new technologies, and quickly implement new retail processes, can determine whether a business lives or dies.

Today’s retailer cannot afford to have downtime through IT infrastructure issues as customers will be lost.  BCP’s new Accord Momentum web-based PoS software solution – showing at Retail Business Technology Expo 2012 – now makes true NonStop™ Retail a reality while at the same time providing the agility and flexibility to implement changes to business and retail processes more swiftly and cost-effectively than ever before.

Based on groundbreaking software technology, Accord-Momentum combines the real-time architecture and small footprint of thin client technology with the robust, resilient nature of traditional fat client solutions to deliver true non-stop retailing – uninterrupted trading in the event of infrastructure failure with the same appearance, speed and functionality and customer service delivery.

Accord Momentum’s object-orientated architecture allows retailers to introduce changes to the software. This enables businesses to change more swiftly and cost-effectively than previously possible.  At a time when business velocity is increasing at an ever-faster rate, this is more important than ever if retailers are to not only survive but flourish.

Real-time data feeds allow retailers to be more responsive and in-tune with customer demands and react to situations as they occur.

The design of Accord Momentum allows the use of compact, low power consumption till hardware along with the ability for faster deployment and greatly reduced ongoing maintenance, both of which help to deliver a rapid return on investment, long term cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Brian Preece, BCP Retail Systems Director: “As one of the key players in the retail software market we are always looking to develop new software that addresses changing market needs and helps retailers to drive down costs whilst maintaining customer service levels.  We believe Accord Momentum is unique in what it is offering and fills a gap in the marketplace.  Flexible back end connectivity means it can be easily integrated into existing systems. One major UK retailer has already signed up for Accord Momentum.”