What is an iBeacon?

An iBeacon is a wireless technology using Bluetooth low energy to create a new way of providing location-based information and services to iPhones, Androids (4.3) and other apple iOS devices.

The beacons are small Bluetooth transmitters, and apps can track the signal transmitted and respond. For example, if you were in a retail store which had a beacon installed and you had the app for that particular store, you would be able to receive a special offer.

It doesn’t mean you phone will be bombarded with messages as privacy is an issue, you will have to opt in to receive notifications


What does this mean for retailers?

IBeacons opens up a huge opportunity for retailers to send their consumers targeted and relevant marketing campaigns as well as receiving valuable useful data. Reports (eMarketer’s study) suggest that 41% of smartphone users used their device to make at least one purchase in 2014, which shows that consumers are more comfortable buying with their mobile device.

Benefits for retailers include, an increase in loyalty and sales, integrating offline/online store experience, passive detection and low cost.

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