With multi-channel shopping now the norm and shoppers more concerned by brands and products than how they buy them retail businesses are having to review processes and operating models in order to survive and prosper in the new multi-channel world.

It has now been recognised that there is a need to create a unified shopping experience and serve the online and store customer through one channel.

Companies taking on change include Asda who have now introduced a new training regime for its staff. It has formed a new ‘Omni channel marketing department’ to go through every aspect of Asda’s operations to make sure the whole business is on the same wavelength and communicating with the customer in seamless terms.

The role of a multichannel director is becoming more and more important, as there is a lot to manage and a thorough understanding of the customer is needed, as well as recognising the changes in logistics technology and the whole end-to-end process.

Source: www.retail-week.com