We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Product Information Management (PIM) System. Oporteo PIM promises to be a simpler way for wholesalers and retailers to manage, maintain and monitor their product data.

Anticipation for the launch has been growing as the new product was teased across our social media. Oporteo PIM was finally revealed at the Ecommerce Expo  2018 where our Oporteo team exhibited in the Innovation Pavilion.

Oporteo PIM is our latest product to help our clients overcome the challenges of today’s digital world. We launched an innovative ecommerce platform in 2017 which has already had great success. Andy Pratt, Business Development Executive, explains: “Ecommerce is a fantastic tool that enables businesses to increase product exposure. However, for it to be a success businesses need to store a large amount of product information, attributes and images.”

We found that this growth in product data was becoming a problem for our clients. Mainly because a lot of ERP systems only hold a limited amount of information. “Most product information recorded by businesses is not enough to comply with ever-increasing regulations. Nor does it provide customers with relevant and correct information on a consistent basis” says Andy.

Seeing a gap in the market, we set out to create a new solution. The result was Oporteo PIM. A central data repository designed for businesses who sell an extensive range of products, both online and offline. The key benefits being lower operational costs, less duplication of effort and better data quality.

“Our goal with Oporteo PIM was to help businesses overcome the struggle of having to manually manage vast amounts of product data” Andy concludes.

To find out more about Oporteo PIM and how it can simplify your product information management processes, please contact us.