Magento recently sponsored a webinar entitled “Ways to Boost the B2B Shopping Experience” as part of Internet Retailer’s Webinar Series. It explored real-world examples of how merchants are achieving success by delivering better B2B experiences in a marketplace. Four tips for boosting the B2B shopping experience involve personalisation:

  1. Intuitive navigation and search: Make it easy for customers to navigate your site and rapidly find the products they’re looking for. Positive online shopping experiences improve customer loyalty and sales.
  2. Account personalisation: Account personalisation enables you to customise their experiences and deliver targeted messaging that simplifies the ordering process.
  3. Tailored, dynamic pricing: Dynamic pricing allows prices to reflect pre-configured business rules and negotiated contract pricing terms. Tailoring your pricing can both increase profitability and improve customer relationships.
  4. Product recommendations: B2B customers want the convenience of retail shopping experiences, so you need to be able to generate product recommendations based on your customers’ tracked shopping habits.

The next three tips for boosting the B2B shopping experience make the purchase process faster and easier:
  1. Quick order/bulk entry: A user-friendly system that makes bulk ordering simple and straightforward saves customers’ time and improves their experience.
  2. Intuitive reordering: Reordering features, such as adding a buy button to previous transactions, makes it easier for customers to self-serve so they can easily reorder recurring items on future visits.
  3. Content/product information: Empowering customers to gain quick access to product information online, including updated product pricing, specifications, and availability, lets customers make more informed and accurate purchasing decisions on your site.

By creating an ecommerce environment that meets the needs of your business customers you can offer a convenient and cost-efficient way for customers to do business with you and, in turn, you streamline business processes, save money, and grow the business with satisfied, returning customers.