IBM latest data shows that over half of all the online retail traffic is coming from mobile devices. More shoppers than ever before take to their smartphones to do their shopping and it has never been more important for retailers to offer a truly seamless multi-channel experience across online, mobile and the high street. 

However, while mobile sales are becoming increasingly important, the rise of mobile technology offers much more than just a convenient way for customers to buy products on the move. It also makes way for retailers to explore the potential for mobile technology to fundamentally change the way they interact with customers, whether they’re online or on the high street.

So how can retailers use mobile technology to improve their relationships with customers?

Personalise the shopping experience

Mobile enables retailers to create bespoke offers to help draw customers into their stores. These offers can be tailored by location or even by purchase history if the customer has previously shopped there either online or via mobile. Retailers should embrace this opportunity to create unique shopping experiences as research shows that customers are more likely to return to a store if they know that’s where they’ll find the best deals for their favourite products

Customer service

Many retailers don’t realise that as 24-hour shopping via mobile becomes ever more popular, high quality customer service also becomes increasingly important. Whether shopping in-store or via mobile, customer service is vital to the overall shopping experience and it’s crucial that retailers offer a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Transform customers’ in-store experiences

Mobile has the potential to genuinely transform the in-store experience for customers. An example of this is by having a virtual queue via mobile phone which keeps the customer updated on queue position via text, this allows customers to grab a coffee nearby or continue their shopping elsewhere, returning only once they know that an advisor has become available. By creating simple but effective ways to make customers’ lives easier, mobile can greatly improve the overall in-store customer service experience.