With the UK economy officially “out of intensive care and into recovery”, as one minister recently described it, now is an ideal time to review operations and ensure they are as streamlined and efficient as possible in order to maintain competitive advantage and capitalise on the upturn.

BCP has a long pedigree in delivering powerful, proven IT solutions to the wholesale distribution market.  Here’s how some of our customers say they have benefitted:

  • Order fulfilment is at 99.95%
  • We’ve saved £’000s
  • Sales have increased by 25%
  • We’ve reduced our stockholding by 10%
  • Claims are down by 60%
  • We’ve increased picking productivity by 50%

If you’d like to learn more about Accord®and how it can help you stay ahead of the competition and take maximum advantage of the recovery please ‘phone us on 0161 355 3000 or email us at accord@bcpsoftware.com.